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2-hour basic wheel throwing class
Have a fun and creative learning experience in our beautiful
outdoor ceramics studio in scenic Imperial Beach
Mother/Daughter Partner Pottery Class 
Art Wheel Ceramics Studio & Pottery School

You will receive personalized one-on-one instruction from a studio artist. This is a great hands on experience for you and your daughter. Jeff, your instructor will  introduce you to the basics of wheel throwing techniques used by artists & craftsmen for thousands of years. Demonstrations & practice on how to make a cup, bowl, etc... This introductory class offers you a solid overview materials, studio fee & clay included. Firing, glaze for 1 piece and a $5 fee for each additional item
2-  Hour Pottery Wheel Throwing Lessons for Beginners
Improve self-esteem
Improves creativity
Relax and unwind while you learn how to make your own clay masterpiece during this Pottery Making Class in Imperial Beach, California. Check out the benefits of working with clay on a wheel.
Learning pottery skills is a great learning & bonding experience
Clay has soothing qualities
Art Wheel  Studio is a San Diego Ceramics Studio offering pottery wheel lessons, ceramics classes, clay workshops, hand building workshops, private events, monthly memberships, and gift certificates. We also offer half-day beginners classes in painting, drawing, and sculpture. Our pottery lessons are perfect activities for tourists and 
short-term visitors visiting San Diego.
Victoria Hatch
This experience was really fun. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable yet very informative. This is a great activity for anyone who just wants a unique night out or to get an intro course in pottery. 
It was my first time doing pottery and it was so much fun! Great place to go, great teacher, great experience!
Seara Fernandez
 Jeff Sansing
Learning how to throw clay was a bucket list item and now it’s crossed off! A fun time and you will be proud of what you create, even if it looks wierd! I would definitely go back and give it another shot.
Great option for date night. Lots of fun! It’s more difficult than it looks, but the hands on training allowed me to create my little masterpiece! 
Darrin Reading
Customer Reviews
Pottery gives children the ability to think beyond the conventional norms. Clay is easy to handle for small fingers, and it is a forgiving art form.
 Pottery class can improve self-esteem because children have control over their projects and can quickly see results.
Working with clay makes hyperactive teenagers or kids more focus in creating a work of art .
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